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Hello, my name is David Pradel


My visual work tends to lean more in the sports world, and that is because I am a former athlete myself. I ran cross-country and track in High School, and played soccer, basketball, and volleyball but because of bad injuries I found myself on the sidelines. The athlete in me still wants to compete so a lot of my time spent as a student was back on the court or field but with a camera and microphone. Although I have a first love for all things sports, I love stepping out and capturing events, portraits, landscapes, and pretty much anything (photo and video) that allows me to be creative! 

I got into photography on accident while at San Diego City College. I was the sports editor for the school newspaper and I needed photos for my sports stories because we needed action photos to be printed along with the words on the page! Before I knew it I developed a passion for sports photography and soon after I was fortunate enough to get my own equipment, and now I find myself taking photos all around San Diego. 


Currently, I am working part time as a production assistant at a local TV news station. I graduated San Diego State University in the spring of 2020. Although I did not really "graduate" because there was no ceremony, I'm hopeful we will have a makeup ceremony because I really want to take a selfie photo as I walk across the stage!

When I'm not taking photos or recording video for a project, I typically can be found at the park playing basketball, or at a nearby sneaker shop buying the latest Air Jordans. I'm really good at Mario Kart so if you ever want to come in 2nd let me know, haha! I enjoy a good nap and also enjoy binge-watching the latest Netflix show or watching a film from my never ending movie list. If you have any recommendations let me know or if you need any films to watch, I can send you about 5 or 10 to watch!


Hopefully you find me as the perfect fit for your project and I look forward to meeting you! 


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